wp_handle_upload() – how to upload to a custom subdirectory within uploads

wp_handle_upload() works for me, but uploads files where it wants (uploads/year/month).

Question: Is there any way to tell it to upload files to a custom dir (uploads/mycustomdir)? Or is there some other function which could do this?

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What I tried:

  1. php’s move_uploaded_file() (wasn’t able to figure the target directory parameter – this is for a plugin and I need it to work for everyone regardless of their dir structure).

  2. https://yoast.com/smarter-upload-handling-wp-plugins

I pasted this code into my plugin’s core file. Nothing happened. But I see in the comments this seems to work for people.

PLEASE if you have an answer, give a complete one. I’m able to get $_FILES[‘myfile’]. What steps to take from there to make that file go to uploads/mycustomfolder?

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  1. You can work on the idea that Joost provided and use the upload_dir filter to temporarily set the upload path to somewhere else.

     * Override the default upload path.
     * @param   array   $dir
     * @return  array
    function wpse_141088_upload_dir( $dir ) {
        return array(
            'path'   => $dir['basedir'] . '/mycustomdir',
            'url'    => $dir['baseurl'] . '/mycustomdir',
            'subdir' => '/mycustomdir',
        ) + $dir;

    And then in practice, it’s as easy as:

    // Register our path override.
    add_filter( 'upload_dir', 'wpse_141088_upload_dir' );
    // Do our thing. WordPress will move the file to 'uploads/mycustomdir'.
    $result = wp_handle_upload( $_FILE['myfile'] );
    // Set everything back to normal.
    remove_filter( 'upload_dir', 'wpse_141088_upload_dir' );