WooCommerce: get_current_screen not working with multi language

I am developing a WooCommerce plugin and I am using get_current_screen to identify the current screen slug to load css and js.

But when using WooCommerce Branding plugin or any other language than English, the slug changes.

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Eg : default slug will be like woocommerce-settings.
If using branding, then it changes like this wp-dev-settings.

I just wanted to know how I can identify the current screen slug ?

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  1. You can identify the current screen slug from the ‘parent’ attribute of the screen object. For example, if my shop name via WC Branding plugin is “Vishals Shop”, then:

    [base] => vishals-shop_page_wc-settings
    [parent_base] => woocommerce

    Now you can replace the shop name with the parent_base & get the real slug name of that page.