Pangong Tso Lake: The Ultimate Beauty

The limit of green pines on the lake during the day

Pangong Tso Lake: The Ultimate Beauty

Do you remember 3 Idiots, the iconic 2013 movie? The last scene of this film was shot near Pangong Tso Lake; yes it is this same destination. We have all fallen in love somewhere with the beautiful shore of the lake. Located at a height of 14,000 feet in Ladakh, this lake has a story in itself. It is one of the most beautiful destinations you will ever come across.


green grass on gray rock near body of water during daytime

Pangong Tso, the name is derived from Tibetan Banggong Co which simply means narrow and fascinating. The King of Ladakh supported Bhutan and as a result the Tibetan army attacked Ladakh. He then sought help from the Mughal Empire who asked him to convert to Islam. Eventually the king came to an agreement and gave a small part of it to the regent of Tibet.

This area remained a disputed land for many years. Its third is in India and two thirds belong to the Tibetan which is under the domination of China. This place is known for its unique and amazing landscape, beautiful sky and rusty desert.

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This lake is within the control of the Sino-Indian Action Line, so you need to get permission from the Inner Line and you are only allowed to visit particular points due to its proximity to the border. The best part about this destination is its travel. The lovely weather, the panoramic views and the magnificent beauty, this place has a lot to offer.

lake and forest during the day

You can visit Tangste village, located 35 meters from Pangong Lake. Here you can find all accommodation here. If you really want to experience the very essence of Pangong, visit Hotel Pangong Residency. This place is a combination of local and modern architecture, is really close to Pangong Lake and has amazing views of the landscape. You can enjoy your vacation in a green, calm and beautiful environment.

You can explore the beauty of villages like Tangste and Spangnik. These villages are the land of immense serenity covered with mountains all around. You can experience nomadic life here.
This is without a doubt one of the most beautiful lakes you will ever come across, but there is still no boating available, although you can enjoy camping on the shore. Apart from that if you are a photography enthusiast; here you will find plenty of opportunities to capture the raw nature. You can also opt for homestays. Stay with the locals and live their life. These times are really good times to change your outlook on life.

There aren’t a lot of places to eat and it would be great if you took some food to eat with you on your trip. Restaurants near the lakes are a bit pricey and try to eat home made food made by locals as it is better than hotels.

The best part is that you won’t find a phone signal near the lake so it gives you a huge opportunity to explore the whole place to the fullest.


green trees next to a body of water during the day

The best time to visit Pangong Lake is between June and September. You have to book everything in advance. You can enjoy a unique camping experience with a bonfire and barbecue. If you are a bird watcher this is your place as you can see many migratory birds like Brahminy Duck here. You can also find groundhogs and squirrels. Don’t miss the sunrise and sunset views from Pangong Lake.

If you want to avoid peak season and want to see frozen Pangong Lake, the best time to visit is in winter. Between December and February you will find the frozen lake which is an amazing sight to watch. Carry lots of winter clothes with you. Wear your woolens and your sweater. Also bring medication on top of that, you might also be dealing with altitude sickness.

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However, there is a risk, but this place is worth a visit. So, if you want to have unique experiences, visit Pangong Lake. You will definitely love this place, but pay attention to the permissions and watch the weather as well.

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