Top 10 destinations to explore in Mumbai the city of movie stars

Top 10 destinations to explore in Mumbai 2020 the city of Bollywood.

When you hear the word Mumbai, you probably think of Bollywood. Indeed, while Mumbai is home to Indias Tinsel Town, which happens to be the world’s largest film industry, there is much more to this bustling metro. For example, you can see Amitabh Bachchan’s primary residence which is Jalsa. Jalsa is a huge estate located in the upscale Juhu district, Mumbai. We will cover Top 10 destinations to explore in Mumbai The city of movie stars.

In fact, Mumbai has many hidden gems to explore in the form of buildings, monuments and even UNESCO World Heritage sites. This is why Mumbai is often referred to as a city of departure by Indians. This article describes the 10 best destinations to explore in Mumbai.

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Top 10 destinations to explore in Mumbai:

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Indeed, no trip to Mumbai is considered complete without a visit to these ten iconic destinations.
Other must-see places that make Mumbai a city of stars Amitabh Bachchans Jalsa Residence
Mumbai is commonly referred to as Tinsel Town. Because it is home to the world famous Bollywood film industry. Many of India’s most famous Bollywood actors and actresses live in Mumbai.

For example, Amitabh Bachchan has many residences in Aamchi Mumbai. His three-decade reign in Bollywood as Shahenshah gave him the wealth, position and power to be able to afford these lavish homes.

Shah Rukh Khans Bungalow Mannat

Shah Rukh Khan is another prominent Bollywood actor. He too has many sumptuous castles in this dynamic metro. This majestic and huge house is located on Bandstand Road in Bandra, Mumbai. He is known as Mannat. All of her immediate family and older sister have made this place their home. It is six stories tall and was purchased from the wealthy Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust in 2005. It was later renovated into a residence so lavish and ornate that the gods could live in it.

Salman Khans Galaxy Apartments

Salman Khan is one of the Khans of the Trimurti Khans who make up the ruling kings of Bollywood. He has been one of India’s most popular and highest paid actors for over 20 years. This gave him immense wealth. He currently lives in the lavish Galaxy Apartments, located on Bandstand Road in Bandra, Mumbai.

He lives in a huge apartment and his parents occupy the other. Salman Khan calls the house on the second floor and his parents reside on the ground floor. Khan’s current apartment lacks the opulence, grandeur and glamor that characterizes the typical Bollywood actor’s home in Mumbai. If you walk into his living quarters, you would see three rooms: a small room with modest decoration and furnishings, a modest kitchen, and a room where he relaxes after a hard day of filming. The three rooms are positioned in an L-shape.

Marine Drive

The road is aptly named in that it offers you a breathtaking view of the marine fauna and birds that characterize the Arabian Sea. This long road follows the South Bombay road. It stretches for 4 kilometers. If you can, drive by at night, and you’ll be dazzled by the long row of lights that illuminate it and have inspired locals to call it the Queen’s Necklace!

India Gate

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This is a world famous cave that was built in the Middle Ages of India – this is reflected in its architecture. Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, you can see the best of Indian medieval artwork. You will have to leave Mumbai to see these caves as they are located on Elephanta Island about 11 km from Indias Tinsel Town.

Girgaum chowpatty

Locals call it Chowpatty Beach. You will have to venture into South Mumbai to see this magnificent monument. You will love this beach because there is no end to keep you entertained. For example, you can have fun in a traditional amusement park on the many big wheels and rides that are grouped together on the beach.

Mumbai has many hidden gems:

The 10 Points of Interest are just a few of Mumbai’s many hidden gems just waiting for you to explore. A visit to this vibrant, bustling and colorful metro won’t disappoint. These points of interest will allow you to further appreciate the rich history and culture of Mumbai.

You will also gain a better understanding and appreciation of the cult status that Bollywood celebrities have in Indian society. Most of the stars mingle with local Mumbaikars on a regular basis and treat them like real people! Some will even take you back in time to Mumbai’s glorious past!

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