Best places to visit in Gujarat

Hi guys, welcome to our website ThExplorerGuides. Today’s article is therefore especially intended for people who are in Gujarat or are planning to visit Gujarat. Because I’m going to tell you about Best places to visit in Gujarat.

As we all know, Gujarat is a beautiful and wonderful place. As there is culture, language, everything is fine. There are many beautiful cities or many places in Gujarat where you can enjoy and have a wonderful time. Gujarat food is also delicious.

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Gujarat is located on the west coast of India between Rajasthan and Maharashtra. It is a favorite place of tourists and not only Indians also came to Gujarat from all over the world. Because of the Statue of Unity which is the tallest or tallest statue in the world. Higher than the Statue of Liberty. And not only this Gandhi Maidan or Gandhi’s Asharam makes Gujarat a wonderful place.

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So guys, please read this article at the end if you are planning to visit Gujarat. So, without wasting a lot of time, let’s start our topic for today which is Best places to visit in Gujarat.

1. Ahmedabad

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So, my friends, I am sure you have certainly listened to Ahmedabad. This place has been the capital of Gujarat for many years. Ahmedabad was declared the first UNESCO World Heritage City in 2017. It beats cities like Mumbai and Delhi. So come to point Ahmedabad is one of the famous cities of Gujarat.

Every visitor who comes to Gujarat never forgot to visit this place. Because there is a market in the squares or above all there is Gandhi’s Asharam which makes this city a tourist spot. There are many monuments or examples of Hindu Muslim art in India and the finest example of Indo-Islamic architecture.

So there you can enjoy your day. Visit Ahmedabad if you are in Gujarat and definitely visit Gandhi’s Asharam.

2. Temple of the Sun, Modhera

The amazing old type place in Gujarat is the Sun Temple at Modhera. This place was built in the 11th century by the rulers of the Solanki dynasty. This place is a beautiful place because the look is so amazing. This place is made to dedicate the Surya (Sun God).

There you can live like you are in the 11th century. It is completely covered with many stone sculptures. The most interesting thing about this place that makes it different is that this place is positioned for the first ray of sunshine to come here.

The Sun Temple is located in northern Gujarat. Definitely, you are going to experience a different thing while visiting this place.

3. Somnath Temple

Interesting Facts About Somnath Temple, Gujarat: Visit My India

Another famous place in Gujarat is the Somnath temple. This temple was created by Islamic invaders but they cannot finalize it. But after independence from the British, the reconstruction of this temple takes place. There is a lot of historical stuff in this temple which is one thing you should not miss.

People who are interested in history or historical things. This place is a very interesting place for them. The Mahashivratri is celebrated here in a big way. Many people have gathered here to pray during the month of February to March. Every year a very large and colorful fair is held on Kartik Purnima day.

So if you are in Gujarat do not forget to visit this temple and explore the historical things.

4. Kutch (Best places to visit in Gujarat)

This place in Gujarat is such a famous place in Gujarati and all over India. There you can enjoy the wonderful camel ride in a desert land. The landscape of this place is exciting and wonderful. As it consists of the seasonal wetlands which are also known as the Great Rann Of Kutch.

Like the Somnath temple, this place is also historic and traditional. But the main famous thing about this place is its landscape full of desert and arid land and the camel ride. So if you want an adventurous trip, this is surely the best place for you.

5. Statue of Unity, Kevadia

Statue of Unity could have paid 2 IIT, 5 IIM and many agricultural projects |  Business Standard News

And last on the list, but it’s a world famous place. The Unity Statue in Kevadia, Gujarat is the largest statue in the world. Even bigger than the Statue of Liberty. The tallest statue in the world is dedicated to Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel (1875-1950). The construction of this statue was completed in 2018. This statue is 182 meters high. Top 10 destinations to explore in Mumbai the city of movie stars

As it is the tallest statue. Half is the Statue of Liberty. This means it is double the Statue of Liberty. You can enter the statue. This means that it is the best place to enjoy with family and seeing the view from the top of the statue will give you a different level of experience.

Because it is an international tourist spot, you have to spend a lot more to go inside the Statue of Liberty. And not just the statue, there is a lot more to do. Laser show, cactus garden, butterfly garden, cycling and many other cool things you can do there. The place Kevadia is located southeast of Vadodara.

So definitely visit the Statue of Unity if you are in Gujarat, because visiting the tallest statue in the world gives a great and wonderful feeling or experience. So pack your bags for the wonderful and adventurous trip to the Statue of Unity.

Final words

So guys, these are the 5 best places to visit in Gujarat. These are must-see places because if you are in Gujarat and you haven’t visited these places then you missed some special things.

So that’s it in today’s post, I’ll see some guys in the next one. Meanwhile, keep exploring our blog.

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