Upcoming cultural festivals in India

Hello guys, welcome to the amazing ThExplorerGuides website. Today I am going to talk about a very interesting topic. These are the festivals. India is the country that celebrates the most festivals. Every month there are many festivals in India, so today I will tell you about the Upcoming cultural festivals in India.

As we all know in India, different different religions live people with their different culture of God. So India accepts all religion all culture. And therefore, there were many festivals that we celebrate.

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And as we all know, April is the new session of all things. This month is very beautiful and the beginning of the spring season. So there have been many festivals this month. And we are going to talk about these festivals.

So without wasting much time, let’s get to the topic of who is Upcoming cultural festivals in India.

1. Mopin, Arunachal Pradesh

It is the beautiful festival celebrated by North East Indians. As we all know, many beautiful and interesting festivals have been celebrated in North East India. But this festival celebrated in April is unlike anything.

This festival is celebrated on April 5 every year in Arunachal Pradesh. As I told you before, April is the month of spring. So this month the crops are growing. To protect the harvest from evil spirits, women of local tribes in Arunachal Pradesh celebrate this festival.

In this festival, the people of Long-Basar-Bame specially the women of the local tribes perform a special type of dance called “popir Dance“. On this day, people make rice wine.

2. Mahavir Jayanti, Uttar Pradesh

Well this is another great festival celebrating April 6, every year. This festival is celebrated all over India. But the craziest of this festival is in Uttar Pradesh. This festival is mainly celebrated by the Jain people.

This day is celebrated because April 6 is Mahavira’s date of birth. As, on this day, people collect Chanda from people’s houses for the gathering of Mahvir jayanti. And on this day, people make the statues of the Abhisheka of Mahavira.

3. Good Friday

It is the festival celebrated by all of India and or by the whole world. The main reason to celebrate this day is to mark the suffering, the passions and the death of the Lord Jesus. This day is mainly celebrated by the Christians.

This day is celebrated on April 10 of each year. On this day, fasting, prayer, meditation and repentance are done by Christians.

4. Sankat Mochan Music Festival, Varanasi

A son April 12 the Sankat Mochan Music Festival organized every year. As April 12 is Hanuman Jayanti Day. So, to celebrate Hanuman jayanti, the people of Varansi organize this Sankaat Mochan music festival. As we all know Varnasi is a holy place here the city is visited by Ganga.

Varanasi is full of spiritual things. There is therefore no doubt that the Hanuman Jayanti is celebrated with energy and joy.

5. Baisakhi, Punjab

As Mopin Baisakhi Festival is also the festival of Harvest. This festival is celebrated in the Punjab on April 13, every year. As the Bhangra is in the culture of Punjab. On this day, the people of Punjab are doing Bhangra and enjoying.

Basically, Baisakhi is the start of the sikh religion. And not just in Punjab, this day is celebrated across the country. And in Golden temple in Amritsar, this day is celebrated with Bhangra and full of joy.

6. Bihu, Assam

As Baisakhi Bihu is the start of the northeastern region of India. It is celebrated at the start of the spring season in April. It is celebrated for 7 days during which bihu Dance, folk music and many other cultural activities are organized It is celebrated every 14-20 April

7. Ambedkar Jayanti

Sure April 14 every year on Ambedkar Jayanti is celebrated across the country. Like that day Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar was born. This day is celebrated all over India because to raise awareness and remind the peoples of India of its contribution to our democratic country.

On this day in India, many political figures pay homage to the statue of Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar. He was one of the most powerful leaders and his contribution was very important among the Indian people. So that people do not forget it, this holiday is celebrated every year by the Indian peoples.

8. Ramadan

It is a festival celebrating a month from April 23 to May 23 every year. It is a fasting festival celebrated by Religion of islam. Across the country, this festival is celebrated by Islamics.

Many sweet dishes are prepared during this festival and finally many delicious dishes are prepared and shared among the people. Means that on the last day a great feast is made.

9. Pooram

This festival is celebrated in Kollam. But the date is not yet announced. Because it was celebrated every year on different dates. So this festival is celebrated in Sri Krishnaswamy Temple of Asramam Maidan. It is famous for its cultural programs such as traditional music, elephant shows, etc.

There was a specific route where the rally takes place. And in this gathering many traditional dancers and musicians participate. And like I told you, there were a lot of decorated elephants in the rally which makes this festival amazing.

ten. Tulip Festival, Kashmir

The Kashmir Tulip Festival is held annually in the Tulip Garden. As the spring season begins in April. This festival is celebrated by the people of Kashmir. There is the beautiful nature and the beautiful tulip garden scene as the garden is covered with tulip flowers.

You have to pay a small fee of around 30 rupees to enter the tulip garden. So that you can enjoy their beauty.

Final words

Upcoming festivals in April
Upcoming festivals in India

So guys, these are festivals mostly celebrated in April. There are many more festivals but these are the most celebrated. So I hope you enjoy this article if you like to comment and tell me which is your favorite festival.

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