What will it really be worth to travel the world on a motorcycle?

As many and many individuals have embarked on the world tour, the online data flow increases: bike selections, packing advice, visa and border crossing advice … but how much will it be worth it really to travel the world on a motorcycle? The answers vary: Most RTW veterans agree that it all depends on your comfort level. For some, living in and preparing their own meals seems natural, while others may feel disadvantaged if they cannot stay in hotels and have dinners in buildings. Some may lower the prices by doing water sports on a couch, others by forgoing expensive insurance and choosing local medical services instead. To find out how much riders really pay once they get around the world, we tend to talk to completely different adventurers, ranging from full minimalists to many generous budgets.

How much does it really cost to travel the world on a motorcycle?  - ADV Pulse

The minimalists:

Riding a small, low-displacement motorbike, wild camping, cooking your own meals, and fixing your own bike will dramatically reduce your value for traveling the world. If you’re in the mood for some brutality, the minimalist way to pay $ 35 or less a day may be the one for you.

The reasonable ones:

Being on such a decent budget is not easy; therefore, we also tend to talk to those whose value to travel the planet might be a little higher; up to about $ 80 per day. There are still tons of tents and prep involved, but a daily budget of around $ 60 seems to be the most stylish among many runners.

The casual:

Travel and travel is all about freedom – and runners in general admit they need to break free from strict budgeting! Here are our top spenders, budgeting their trips between $ 90 and $ 110 per day.

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