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Croque-monsieur. Simplicity at its best and yet
can’t stop wanting it. One of my father’s favorites
Saturday afternoon. Our meal of choice at our favorite
bistro in Paris. Croque Monsieur is a simple fun
dish we all love.
I never shared it with you all until the last one
“Summer cooking class” that I had that I decide
to show my young chef how it was done. my
the little crew loved them and they couldn’t wait to
make them at home for their parents.
Different from the American counterpart, the
grilled ham and cheese. Bread for one, and
then the white sauce or grated bechamel sauce
melted cheese. Using fresh French country bread
where the crust is crisp and the inside is soft and
out of this world brimming with flavor.
Butter: don’t skip it, that’s what makes
Bite into Monsieur the salty dish that it is. You
either spread it on the bread that will face the
cooking pan, on both sides, or you can place a piece
on the baking dish and place the bread on it.
Crust or no crust? This is optional. Try both
means and see which one you prefer. I like
crust but sometimes not a little.

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