A pleasant way to eat your vegetables

C acio E Pepe is the name of an Italian pasta dish.
It describes a glorious alchemical cooking event
where the heat of cooked pasta infuses it
the flavors of cheese and spicy sweet black pepper
and the starchy cooking water forms a succulent
sauce over everything. Seriously, if you’ve never tried the cacio
e pepe pasta, you should. It’s hard to believe
that something with three ingredients can be
deliciously sophisticated.
Why did I use the expression and the concept so
liberally here? Cause it hit me just the other one
what a sexy combination of parmesan and
the pepper is for the roasted cauliflower. Although
the cauliflower does not give off enough moisture to
forms a sauce and is not porous enough to absorb
the flavors in the same way, I still think the
the combination is good enough to be able to borrow
Last name.

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