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This single word is the most popular word in English for Kumar.

He was a lucky man since birth. His paternal uncle, who kicked the bucket on the day of his conception, left him all of his resources. Therefore, a child destined for poverty stricken caretakers had the potential to gain considerable wealth in the short term. In training as well, he usually stood first not because of hard work, but because of sheer karma. (The surveys would just be of the small segment, he organized the assessment). He found a decent line of work, that of a trustee in a global organization at age twenty during his first meeting itself.

He was almost certainly an attractive person. Included with his own karma, the women were simply behind him. However, he needed a pure and perfect wife and after a long hunt he hitched up to Lakshmi. He was completely bewildered that he wasn’t so lucky in that light. She was not an advanced young woman, as he would like to think. Most likely, she was excellent, but not at all beautiful that he expected from his significant other.

Moreover, she was not educated in the cloister. She had concentrated distinctly up to the 10th standard in a neighborhood school.

Despite the main week after their marriage, he did not show enthusiasm to engage in sex with her.

Lakshmi did not understand the purpose of his disposition towards her. Anyway, she accommodated herself to the circumstance expressing that “it doesn’t matter if the spouse is a stone, he is the leader and the leaf of grass, he is the God”, which is normal behavior. women from South India.

Kumar was hooked up at the New Delhi terminal for the return trip to Mumbai. Miserably. His ticket has not been confirmed. He simply put an end to his trip planner who had booked a top-notch chilled train ticket and they hurried to the station.

The train was about to start and he just pushed in. He was hailed to his seat by the driver with all due respect.

The train set fire to move when he took off his jacket and glanced around the lodge.

My God! It seems the best of luck has gotten to him.

It was a car and the other tenant was a “gold mine”. She widened her inviting smile and he began to fly through the air.

“Hi, I’m Hema” she widened her hand and therefore Kumar introduced himself and grabbed the hand.

For only fifteen minutes they were chatting and Kumar said, “Reason with me, ma’am. As he said this, he opened his satchel. He got a container of five star scotch and two glass mugs. He handed one to her and she decidedly took it.

The drink eliminated all hesitation. He kissed her with all his power and she never protested against any of his movements.

That night he understood the importance of the sky. He had everything he needed with his better half Lakshmi.

The next day, when they left behind them “Hema, it would be ideal if you let me have your position”

“Sorry sir, this is a one-off business. Let me join my better half ”

At Mumbai’s CST, her other half was holding back to look for her. Kumar was amazed to see him. My God, definitely no review!

He couldn’t forget his organization even after arriving at the office.

There was another astonishment to him as he stopped.

His supervisor Mr. Sundar, MD of the organization called him inside. The moment he entered he was shocked to see a pretty woman sitting in front of him.

“Welcome Kumar. It would be ideal if you sit down. Then he said, “Meet my little girl Mala. She recently returned from the United States. Currently, it will take control of this organization ”. At that moment, he turned to his daughter and told her. “Mala, Kumar will familiarize you with all the intricacies of this business. He knows all the intricate details ”

“No matter if I show all the intricate details of business, I will show the intricate details of the human sex.” Kumar was figuring out how to defeat her.

He thought it was anything but an embarrassing thing for him. They discovered part of the protection by visiting different places in Mumbai. They drank and moved together. They even had long kisses. In any case, for full sex, she did not oblige.

“Mr. Kumar. I realize that you are now addicted. Unless you give me legal status as a spouse, I will not allow sex with me ”.

Kumar was even ready to kill his better half Lakshmi. However, he had to do it in an unusually complex way that no one should assume from him. He was clinging to luck.

His karma opened up a whole new area of ​​luck for him. He was approached to go to New York for a very long time to work with their advertisers. According to their organization, only married people are qualified for such tasks. The organization would meet their every need. They were told to give the clinical reports and be available to start.

The scenes were moving quickly. Kumar has delayed his arrangements to kill his significant other. Their clinical evaluation was complete within a week and he was sitting tight for the report. The specialist’s PA told him it could take ten minutes and he was asked to get ready in the living room.

The living room seat was quite nice and he chose it. In no time at all, the reports were prepared and a less important specialist forwarded them to him. “I’m sorry, Mr. Kumar, your significant other cannot accompany you”

Kumar couldn’t accept his ears. “What! Am I going alone? His heart leapt with satisfaction. However, with a concern for forgery, he asked,” What’s the explanation sir? “

“Sorry sir, she has bone tuberculosis, a rare disease. She must undergo prompt treatment “

“My God, my karma started to work,” he was optimistic internally. Her brain started checking right away. “The moderate harm had its own impact. Let her bite the dust right here. One way or another, I will go to the United States. When she dies, let me marry Mala without worrying about others ”. Essentially he was flying through the air.

“Mr. Kumar ”, a medic shook him to wake up. My God! It was just a fantasy in his half-rest.

“Mr. Kumar, the senior specialist wishes to meet with you”.

“Mr. Kumar, if that’s not too much of a problem, have a seat,” the dean offered him a seat and then continued, “Mr. Kumar, I’m exceptionally sorry to say that”

Kumar foresaw what was to follow. His karma demeans him once more.

“Kumar, you weren’t able to go to the United States, I’m extremely sorry. Yet it is a reality.

“Why sir?” Kumar was stunned.

“I am sorry that YOU are infected with HIV. According to the rules of the organization, you cannot proceed in the same way to their administration given your HIV infected status ”

Kumar was visibly stunned. After a long delay, he asked, “Sir, would you not be able to refrain from detailing this to them and helping me organize the activity?”

“I’m sorry Kumar, I am paid vigorously by the organization for this work, I am their staff and not yours. I need to report my findings. I am distressed, you can go ”

Kumar stood up completely blue. Indeed, even at this pitiful stage, the demon in him asked the question: “Sir, my significant other?”

“She is perfectly fine. Despite being your better half, she is not infected with HIV. ”

Really. Kumar hasn’t had sex with her for a while. “How could I get it?” Kumar was taken aback.

Out of nowhere the glow came. The woman on the train, with whom he happily had sex on the train. This was the explanation behind the disease.

“Sir, sorry to bother you. Can I ask a few questions? “

Indeed, be brief »

”Sir, I was deceived by an exceptionally charming young woman. Could such a wonderful young woman have HIV?

“Why not? HIV will not have any outward manifestation. I can show many positive but attractive and strong people. I don’t have to look anywhere, you are an attractive man, but now you are influenced by it. HIV.

“Sir,” Kumar was going to cry. “Sir, have I lost everything?”

“I won’t say you lost everything. Make sure that no clever disease like tuberculosis comes in contact with you. For this you need to live in perfect air, breathe natural air and breathe healthy food. It is better that you concede to a decent Ashram and begin to undergo treatment in the above style. There are a few such ashrams run by AIDS professionals ”

“Sir, well, just an investigation. Shouldn’t we say something about sexual exercises?

“Without a doubt, you can have sex with your other half or with others. However, one condition, you should never have unsafe sex. You need to make sure with a quality condom. Try not to have sex with obscure individuals. They can be infected with HIV. Using a condom alone will prevent the spread of infection. In addition, you should never take intoxicating drinks, which will incite sin.

Kumar turned out in a completely upset temper.

Karma will not consistently favor. Indeed, even a lonely slide can end in disaster.

Kumar would not like to follow any of the directions given by his doctor.

His body was found at the edge of the marina seven days after the incident.

The organization was charitable enough to give a vocation to its significant other Lakshmi.

After two years, she hitched up to a partner and within one year, she had a toddler.

The child was called KUMAR, in memory of the helpless man whose fantasies were shattered by sheer misfortune this time.

Dr Sathyanarayanan Bhimarao is a multifaceted character. He is M.Sc (Physics) from Annamalai University. He obtained his doctorate in mental counseling on HIV / AIDS. He is an essayist from an early age. He wrote a few articles, short stories and plays which were distributed in mainstream magazines. He is an essayist in the fields of philosophy and science. He is at the origin of the Holistic Philosophy Society and directs several courses in physics and philosophy. It distributes Tamil and English magazines with some highlights like news, plays and articles.

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