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Earning gold in Guild Wars 2 is a difficult prospect for many players, especially with the anti-farming code and the big trading post commissions. However, after all 8 Gold Crafting Hints, there are tips and tricks in this report that will earn you hundreds of Gold in Guild Wars 2 in no time.

One of the easiest ways to make money in Guild Wars 2 is to collect items that drop from monsters rather than selling them on the trading post. Not only does it give you the raw materials

necessary for crafting but in addition, it counts towards your monthly achievement. (which rewards you with an extremely valuable ‘mystical coin’!)

You should always carry a pickaxe, forest ax, and sickle and collect these tools whenever you see them. You can either sell them on the Trading Post for quick gold or use them for your crafting.

3) Run anywhere, waypoints are expensive!

Guild Wars 2 has a community of waypoints dotted around the planet, which you can unlock by exploring and teleporting between them for a fee. However, they are quite expensive and should be used diligently.

Do as many quests and animated events as possible, especially in a group. These are represented by hearts on the map and can be improved by following the orange circles indicating an opportunity. Completing these events earns you XP, Gold, Karma, and even Armor rewards!

Onions, carrots, and blueberries are popular over the counter things, with hundreds of thousands of buyers looking to use them in their cookie recipes and fireworks potions. They can be easily bought and sold on the Trading Post for you to create a fantastic amount of gold and earn.

Unidentified dye is randomly dropped by every mob in the game, they can be clicked to unlock random dye to change your armor color. However, the majority of these dyes are inexpensive and sell for less than a cash counter, while the unidentified dye sells for around 14 pieces of silver.

Make sure to follow your own story as you go along. It’s a fantastic way to bring in xpgold and saves you from having to buy armor for your own character.

8) Buy and sell rare armor and weapons

Unusual weapons and armor are always in demand, whenever you get one from a drop constantly check the trading post to find out how much they sell for before deciding if you want to equip it.

You can even use Purchase Orders to buy them cheaply and then immediately put them back on sale for a profit!

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