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However, like all 2 products, both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Read on to find out the differences between these two favorite WoW guides.

Setup: Zygor Guides takes the cake in the efficiency of setup and simple upgrades. Dugi’s setup is more complex than Zygor. Among the good qualities of Zygor guides is their automatic upgrade, in which with Dugi the user has to manually reinstall specific add-ons. Dugi could be a bit better off if the company implemented automotive application upgrades.

For some, this can be ineffective, as even novice players can reach level 13 in less than a day. Dugi wins, hands down, to the point of allowing players to try the manual completely before purchasing.

Price: Although the high costs do not imply the quality of all products, it should be noted that Dugi costs much less than Zygor. However, Dugi Guides provides both Alliance and Horde gathering guides for a fixed cost, while Zygor Guides sells each manual individually. Prices for Dugi guides start around $ 97 a pair, while Zygor prices textbooks individually, starting around $ 50. Dugi approaches Zygor in the cost department.

The Guides: While installation and price are important facets, most gamers are really interested in what the manuals contain. How do they work? Here is a brief overview of the pros and cons of Zygor and Dugi.

Features that both manuals provide –

Both Zygor and Dugi have navigation pointers displayed on the screen throughout the match and help point players in the ideal direction.

Both manuals tell players which quests to continue on, how many monsters the participant must clear, and how many things to select.
Dugi Guides comes with an icon that appears on the screen in a chase that allows the participant to click on the ad rather than looking through their luggage. Zygor provides a similar icon, but it’s much smaller.

Dugi marks quests as complete or lets you bypass them. Zygor Guides simply allows the participant to bypass the quests.

Dugi allows you to determine whether to bypass a chase, where Zygor will choose for you if he cannot find anything valid for the participant on that specific chase.
Experts Zygor and Dugi Against:

Zygor keeps an eye on already completed avenues, even if the game is not in use. Dugi simply ignores these avenues and focuses only on the current degree. This can make navigation difficult as a participant has to go back.

Zygor guides can keep the participant overtaken by dinosaurs and flight paths if the participant has leveled. Dugi Guides, on the other hand, assume that you skipped a specific chase, which might require the participant to spend more time trying to find out why crowds aren’t releasing certain products.

Zygor informs the player of what comes from the sport, while Dugi only gives advice regarding the current chase and scenario.
Both provide subscription extras, but Dugi offers a bit more compared to Zygor. As an example, another that Dugi provides that Zygor are not profession manuals. Dugi provides guides for each profession, where Zygor only offers one.

This guide was an unbiased opinion regarding the pros and cons of Zygor and Dugi. A number of WoW players and friends use the Dugi Guides. It’s all about personal taste.

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