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A farm is a business that strives to control costs, improve income, and maximize profits. Besides labor and equipment costs, energy costs are the biggest obstacle to a farm’s profitability. The use of machinery on farms constitutes a very large percentage of energy consumption and therefore constitutes a large percentage of the monthly energy bill. To reduce this cost and ensure profitability, the following tips may be helpful:

Keep machines well maintained.

If the farm uses tractors in its daily operations, it is important to ensure that the tractor or any other machine is well maintained. Keep a log of service dates for all machines on the farm; from irrigation pumps to tractor implements.

Make sure all moving parts are oiled and well lubricated, replace worn parts promptly, and be sure to use only original replacement parts and have qualified personnel make changes. Make sure the tractor and pickup tires are properly inflated. For irrigation pumps, plug all leaks and replace worn nozzles.

Use appropriate lighting on the farm.

Several studies have shown that the use of compact fluorescent lamps can reduce the cost of electrical energy by 70%. Replace all incandescent bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs to achieve huge energy savings; this is especially true for poultry and dairy farmers who consume a lot of energy.

There are currently more advanced high intensity discharge lamps and high efficiency fluorescent lamps that can be used in cold or hot environments. There is an energy saving light bulb for everyone and it is a sure way to save energy on the farm.

Improve energy efficiency

On a farm, fuel consumption will vary depending on crop yields, tractor or engine efficiency, soil moisture content, etc. This can be done by matching field equipment and implements to the appropriately sized tractor; if excess power is used for a certain task, energy efficiency is greatly compromised.

It is also important to organize and organize the trips you make around the farm. There are some herbicides like 28 UAN solutions that can be mixed with fertilizer during pre-planting and applied in one trip rather than having two separate trips. Also avoiding the use of certain equipment like a cultivator unless it is really necessary will save on energy costs. The farm pickup should be used sparingly.

Upgrade motors used in some equipment

Some machines can replace some of their parts or upgrade them to more efficient parts. Refrigerators and milking equipment are generally the best candidates; changing the standard vacuum pumps supplied with single speed drives with a variable speed drive on the pump system can drastically reduce power requirements from about 10 CFM to about 2 CFM; it can reduce energy needs by 50%.

Using a plate cooler instead of just letting the compressor reduce the temperature of the milk as it passes through the milking system will also reduce the amount of energy expended and ultimately save energy. on the farm.

Develop appropriate irrigation planning methods

Irrigation pumps consume a lot of energy; In addition to normal maintenance, it is important to avoid cases of overwatering, uneven distribution and inadequate pressure levels to completely irrigate a field. Once the irrigation inefficiencies are corrected, the most optimal level of fuel use by the irrigation system will be achieved; thus saving energy on the farm.

Perform an energy audit

There are several organizations like EnSave for example, which offer programs that provide detailed, well-planned and accurate energy audit services to farmers, and offer cost-effective measures to reduce energy loss and improve efficiency and productivity. . It is important to carry out an audit because it will help a farmer to plan and strive to implement specific energy saving programs that have been identified.

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