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You’ve probably heard the uplifting news that the Kamyab Jawan Youth Entrepreneurship Loan Program is going to start Phase II. The Prime Minister’s extraordinary adviser on youth affairs, Mr. Usman Dar, yesterday reported on changes to the program.

Better than ever, Conspiratorial Credit now presents 1,000,000 rupees in own advances (implied unsecured) and low loan fees of 3%. The credit cut with guarantee was increased to 25 million. These advances can also be made accessible through Islamic banking.

This is because credit applications must be opened during the second seven-day period in August.

Associate students 1 and cohort 2: We suggest that each of our students prepare for their application and prepare each of their reports. If you were enrolled in cohort 1 or 2 and have not completed your preparation or were unable to take the assessment, we will do an exceptional test on July 31 so you can complete your preparation and finish evaluation. If you don’t mind, observe all the recordings and prepare for the test.

All members of the Startup Pakistan community: empower your loved ones to sign up for the Startup Pakistan preparation project. For the third partner, applications are currently open. If you don’t mind, ask them to register today at https://pk-train.ideagist.com/join.

We will notify you as often as possible of any changes, and when the applications open, we will let you know.

Qualification criteria:

All men / women holding a CNIC, aged 21 to 45 with entrepreneurial potential are qualified. For IT / e-commerce related organizations, the lowest age break point will be 18.

Small businesses (new businesses and existing organizations) according to the meaning of SBP and owned by young people according to the age groups mentioned above are further qualified.

For organizations related to IT / e-commerce, in all cases proportionate registration or training will be required.

Zero on women:

25% of the advances will go to female borrowers.

Advanced size:

The size of the advance is isolated in three levels, as under:

Level 1 (T1) goes from Rs 100,000 to Rs. 1 million.

Level 2 (T2) advances above Rs 1 million and up to Rs 10 million.

Level 3 (T3) credits over 10 million rupees and up to 25 million rupees

Advanced sorting:

Long-haul advance for machinery and equipment / Advance on working capital / Current financing, and business rental on wheels on private production vehicles with 2/3/4 wheels.

Advanced tenor:

As long as 8 years.

Beauty period:

Beauty time up to one year (subject to size and nature of business / advance).

Equity ratio obligation:

For new businesses:

T1 – 90:10.

T2 and 3 – 80:20.

For existing businesses:

Nile for all levels.

The Borrower’s commitment of value would be a sum of money or an unwavering asset and will be required after approval of the advance.

Security requirements:

The security actions will be as follows:

T1 advance: clean; anyway right next to the borrower’s home insurance.

T2 and T3 advances: according to the bank’s own credit.


Estimate of working capital and term loans

Application form:

  • The form would be in both English and Urdu and would require a minimum of essential information in a simple format available on the government-provided Kamyab Jawan portal.
  • The processing time will not exceed 30 days and will be clearly stated in the request form. The non-refundable form processing fee will be Rs. 100 / – CNIC online NADRA verification fee included.

How to register:

If you have any questions, please visit your nearest BOK branch or contact us at the following coordinates:

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