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To cook the perfect perfect steak, start by chatting with someone who’s barbecue and has been serving them for a long time. Amiro Cruz has gone from being a co-worker to being a top cook at some of New York’s best steakhouses. Currently he is the chief culinary expert.

otherwise known as meat ace, behind Wolfgang’s Steakhouse, which has areas in Beverly Hills, Manhattan, Miami, Hawaii, and Tokyo.

The incomparable demand of Wolfgang is the strong Porterhouse with delicacy and monkey in many places. These behemoth pieces – up to 48 oz each – are dry-ripened nearby for about 28 days and finished in a 1600 degree oven that keeps the meat. sizzling until it’s on your plate.

It’s amazing in case you run a real steakhouse. Either way, I asked Cruz how the rest of us can amplify our flame grilling abilities.

In the dry ripening room of Wolfgang’s steakhouse. If you can’t dry it yourself, find a good butcher who sells it. Photograph the courtesy of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

In the dry ripening room of Wolfgang’s steakhouse. If you can’t age it yourself, look for a fine … [+]


“The correct fit is your most important choice,” says Cruz. “In case you’re okay, this must be an ideal cut of meat.” Porterhouse is delicious if a genius cooks on mechanical equipment. Yet, for home cooks, rib eye is more moderate, excusing, and has the right blend of flavor and non-abrasiveness to satisfy all your meat-eating cravings. Flank or New York cuts are also acceptable.

Look for “USDA Prime,” a mission given to the absolute best cuts. “Main methods, the burger is rarely raised and supported with a mixture of corn and grass, which makes small patches of marbling – or fat – in the ligaments,” says Cruz.


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Ribeye has the perfect blend of delicacy and flavor MIGUEL MENDEZ / AFP / Getty Images

Ribeye has the perfect blend of delicacy and flavor MIGUEL MENDEZ / AFP / Getty Images

Wolfgang’s uses the USDA Prime Black Angus Burger. Fancy steakhouses normally have a ripening room, where the meat is stored at around 35 degrees for a month to allow time for the moisture in the burger to go away and the meat catalysts to begin to separate, adding to the taste. Home cooks can buy a dry-ripened burger from top butchers.

Take care of

The meat should hit the flame and broil at room temperature to allow the juices to drain and to cook more quickly. “This entire cycle won’t take long, so you need to prepare the rest of your dinner – like the sides – while the flame grill heats up,” says Cruz.


“Legitimate salt. That’s all, ”says Cruz. People believe in including sauces and flavors while remembering that “better hamburger cuts are unique,” ​​he says. “The meat needs to have a flavor like the hamburger. You have to enjoy its juice, and there is nothing more.


“Make sure your barbecue is ripped off as much as possible on one side,” so you can roast it for a few moments before giving the meat a cooler place to land after flipping.

When the heat is on, use utensils to oil the barbecue with paper towels. Burn legitimately on the sizzler side of the flame grill, turning the steak several times for 5-6 minutes of cooking. The barbecue prints should appear.

For a real steakhouse burn, heat a cast iron skillet on the barbecue. “It allows for more flavor and adds a really decent bite to the burger, but you have to control that as the meat can turn dark effectively,” says Cruz.

The profession of rare. Kindness photo of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse

The art of the unusual. Kindness photo of Wolfgang’s Steakhouse


Smart barbecue pants greatly appreciate their intuition for cooking steaks. “It should look like the beefy part between your thumb and forefinger,” they’ll tell you. Or is it the greasy aspect of your palm? I easily forget, which is the reason I agree with Cruz that a decent thermometer has a significant effect.

130 degrees F is rare.

135 degrees is about average uncommon.

140 degrees is average.

“I would go for somewhere near 130 and 135 degrees on the grounds that even average wastes an excessive amount of flavor,” says Cruz.

Thermapen sells for $ 99. Photograph the grace of Thermapen

Thermapen sells for $ 99. Photograph the grace of Thermapen

I’ve been using ThermaPen for a couple of years (having heard that Chef Thomas Keller prefers it) and I’m a fan from that point on. It’s $ 99 but worth every penny for a real grill, dough punches, and gourmets.

For a super-liberal finish, Cruz suggests including a room temperature spread rush at the conclusion to put more pressure on.


“Never grill and cut over the flame without leaving a little rest time”, says Cruz. After removing the meat, let it sit away from the hot hotspot for four or five minutes. “It is better to cook half over overcooking”, Said Cruz. “Meat can usually only go back onto the barbecue to touch it so that the juices redistribute.”

Chopped off

You’ve probably heard this before: Slice unlike you might expect. If you cut the long streaks, the meat will be delicate with each snack. “You have made it this far,” said Cruz. “You’d rather not mess things up towards the end by cutting them badly.” It is a substantial orientation.

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