How to allow and use the freeze tabs feature on Chrome

How to enable and use the freeze tabs feature on Chrome
How to allow and use the freeze tabs feature on Chrome

There is no doubt that Google Chrome is now probably the most remarkable internet browser. Compared with every different internet browser, Google Chrome provides customers with additional options. The interesting factor is that Google Chrome is offered on pretty much all the major platforms like Windows, Android, iOS, and Linux.

In common use, we often open 10-15 Chrome tabs. Well, opening Chrome tabs just isn’t a nasty factor, but Chrome consumes additional sources compared to other internet browser. This is why the Chrome browser crashes quite often. To deal with delays and crashes, Google has committed to a brand new “ tab freeze ” feature for Chrome.

Previously, Chrome had a memory saving feature on Chrome often referred to as “ remove tabs. ” The feature is enabled by default, and it kicks in automatically whenever your computer runs out of memory.

What is the tab removal function?

Well, deleting tabs is primarily a memory backup feature of Google Chrome, which robotically “ removes ” content from unopened tabs. The operation removes unused tabs to unlock reminiscence.

When a tab is removed, Chrome removes the entire course from. You haven’t discovered the tab on Chrome’s built-in task supervisor. When opening the deleted tab, it will reload it and start over from the beginning.

What is the “Tab Freeze” function?

Freezing tabs is totally different from removing tabs. Once you freeze a tab, the content on the web page remains in your system’s memory. This means that the tab received does not reload from the start. For example, if you start to participate in a YouTube video, clicking “Freeze” for that tab will pause the video playback, but will not remove the content from the YouTube tab.

Again, clicking “Delete” will remove all content from the tab and the video will play right from the start. This is therefore the main distinction between the “Tab Discarding” and “Tab Freeze” function.

How do I allow and use the tab freeze?

Well, to enable the tab freeze feature, you need to follow the easy steps. Initially, open Google Chrome and in the URL bar, type “Chrome: // flags

Enter Chrome: // flags
Enter Chrome: // flags

This can open the Chrome test webpage. There you should look for ‘Freeze tabs“possibility. Enabling the tab freeze option will freeze all eligible tabs after they have been put in the background for 5 minutes.

Enable tab freeze
Allow tabs to freeze

The feature works on every working system – Mac, Windows Home, Linux, and Chrome OS.

The choice is just not common in every chrome build. So if you are unable to check for the possibility of freezing tabs on Chrome Flags then you need to sort n ‘Chrome: // remove‘in the URL bar. It will list all open tabs with a move link to “ Freeze ” and “ Delete ”

Freeze tabs
Freeze tabs

So this text is to allow “ tab freeze ” on Chrome browser. I hope this text has helped you! Also share it with your loved ones.

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