Traveling to Buenos Aires dangerous in 2020?

Buenos Aires is one of the most most beautiful and safest cities in South America. If you are traveling to Buenos Aires, so don’t worry about safety as this is the third safe city in South America. You will be surprised to know that it is safer than Los Angeles, Mexico or Brussels.

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Although you have to take some precautions and safety. These precautions are essential when traveling to Buenos Aires. Try to follow standard safety precautions Buenos Aires to avoid any problem.

This blog will guide you on the safety standards and precautions to take while traveling to Buenos Aires.

Problems to avoid when traveling to Buenos Aires


Pick-pocketing or bag theft is quite common in Buenos Aires. So you need to take some precautions when traveling by public transport.

Keep the following things in mind when traveling to Buenos Aires.

  1. Try to avoid using the phone in a crowded area. If you want to use your phone in an emergency. Then try going to a coffee shop or shop to use it.
  2. Do not bring additional essentials such as passports and extra cash.
  3. Take just a few essentials and the cash you need.
  4. Wear your bag in a crossover position instead of hanging it over one side of the shoulder.
  5. Do not offer or show your money by wearing expensive jewelry in public places.
  6. Be aware of your surroundings at all times and seek help from the Tourist Police if you get stuck anywhere.

Mustard tip to trick you

The mustard trick is one of common tips used to target people on public transport. A local person could come and help you by indicating mustard stain on your clothes. He / She will help you clean it. It’s a fairly common way people come to your rescue. The next thing you know is your wallet and essentials are gone.

Occasional event

There are occasional manifestations that occur in Buenos Aires. But that might not have any negative effect on tourists. Such a type of protest usually takes place in the Plaza de Mayo.

Occasional demonstration in Buenos Aires

Public transport

One of the most common questions that comes to mind is public transport safety in Buenos Aires? The answer is definitely yes. In reality, the subways are quite safe. But you have to be careful pickpockets mostly rush hour. You can also take the public bus transport system. It’s super fun to be and it’s the fastest way to get around the city. try avoid it when it is too crowded or stay aware of the surroundings.

Are Uber and Taxi Safe?

Taxis are fairly safe but try to order from saved apps available. If you want to hire a car for a day trip, you can opt for agencies that provide private taxis for a day.

Uber is available in Buenos Aires so; you don’t have to worry about it. But you should know that there is a dispute over whether Uber is legal or not. In reality, taxi drivers are quite unfriendly and rude so it may not be one of the safest options.

Currency in Buenos Aires

Use cash instead of debit or credit cards. Most shops, restaurants and cafes do not accept cards. Even ATMs also charge high fees. So, try to use cash and also avoid carrying too much cash. Only carry the cash you need at a given time.

Is tap water safe to drink in Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires tap water is quite safe to drink, so you don’t have to worry about it. But try to carry your own water to take extra precautions. Always ask your local travel guide before drinking water from any tap.

Single travelers

Is Buenos Aires safe for female travelers?

The good news is Buenos Aires is safe for women traveling alone !!

Buenos Aires it’s approximately safe for single travelers. It is also one of the most beautiful destinations to be found.

Single travelers in Buenos Aires

You should follow the following safety tips while traveling to Buenos Aires.

  1. If you are walking alone. Ignore if someone calls you mostly in the dark from the background.
  2. Always trust your instinct and work according to them. If you to feel uncomfortable at a place, leave immediately.
  3. If a problem arises in public places or if you are stuck in a situation. Then enter a store or restaurant or contact the tourist police.
  4. Do not accept drinks from strangers. It could become the worst situation.

Places to travel in Buenos Aires

Palermo and Jardin Botanico

Palermo and Jardin Botanico, one of the places to travel in Buenos Aires
  1. This place is one of the famous city parks. There is a lot intricate bridges and sculptures which spread through 20 acres.
  2. You won’t believe this place has more than 5000 species of flowers.
  3. The place represents the traditional arts and culture of Buenos Aires.

The cemetery and museums of Recoleta

The cemetery and museums of Recoleta
  1. Recoleta is a large collection of colonial silverware, woodcarvings, paintings and costumes.
  2. The National Library is a book lover’s paradise.
  3. There are many cafes in the public gardens, craft shops and many other major attractions.

La Boca and the Caminito Street Museum

La Boca and the Caminito Street Museum
  1. La Boca is one of the places that you are going to love for its artistic and creative art outdoors on the streets.
  2. You will find decorated balconies and amazing sculptures of tango dancers.
  3. Caminito Street Museum is a pedestrian zone. There are open-air museums and art markets.
  4. This place is a photographers paradise because this place is so photogenic.

San Telmo and the National Historical Museum

San Telmo and the National Historical Museum
  1. San Telmo is one of the most colorful neighborhoods in Buenos Aires.
  2. This place is quite famous and has old-fashioned colonial buildings.
  3. You will spot many art studios and galleries here. This place is quite famous for its cafes, tango lounges and shops.
  4. Don’t miss San Telmo Sunday Fair which is a market filled with crafts and antiques.
  5. You can spot the National Historical Museum here.

List of hotels to stay in Buenos Aires

  1. Residence Buenos Aires
  2. Mine Hotel Boutique
  3. Fierro Hotel Buenos Aires
  4. Four seasons hotel in Buenos Aires

Emergency numbers for rescue

If you’re stuck somewhere and you don’t know what to do? So here is a list of some Emergency numbers that might be helpful.

  1. To contact the emergency police, dial 101 or 911.
  2. If you want to contact an ambulance or medical emergency, dial 107.
  3. If you would like to contact the U.S. Embassy in Buenos Aires, dial + (54) (11) 5777-4533.

Some important questions

Is Buenos Aires safe to travel at night?

Buenos Aires is quite safe to travel. You can walk around at any time. Even if you are a female traveling alone, this place is also quite safe for you.

What are the essential tips to follow during your stay in Buenos Aires?

Keep the following in mind when traveling to Buenos Aires:

  1. Take the cash you only need on your trip.
  2. Do not wear expensive jewelry in public places.
  3. Try to avoid using the phone outdoors.
  4. Do not answer the doorbell if you are not expecting anyone.
  5. Carry your bag in the front when traveling on public transport.

What precautions should I take while traveling to Buenos Aires?

Avoid wearing hiking clothes, shorts, expensive jewelry, or heels during the day.

What is the official language of Buenos Aires where is English spoken there?

Spanish is the official language of Buenos Aires. Keep in mind that English is not widely spoken here, so locals may not know English. But you will have no problem if you can use the English language in the sights of Buenos Aires.

What to wear so as not to stand out as a tourist in Buenos Aires?

Wear neutral clothes and avoid bright colors. Don’t go for a high gloss full floral print texture. You will find the local store only in black gray or white dress.

Can you wear shorts in Buenos Aires?

You won’t find many people in shorts there as they are not common enough in Buenos Aires. However, you can opt for summer print dresses and skirts. Keep the length a bit longer and don’t go for dresses that are too short.

What is dinner time in Buenos Aires?

People here dine quite late compared to other western countries. You will find empty restaurants before 10 p.m.

Why is Argentina famous?

Argentina is quite famous and Buenos Aires is one of the main tourist destinations. It’s a vibrant and distinctive culture, incredible cuisine and well-known dancers around the world.

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