How to travel on a budget [2020]

Who doesn’t like to travel? If you are also a travel enthusiast or like to explore different exotic places but are worried about the budget?

Without a doubt, traveling takes a lot of money if you really want to travel the world, you have to be rich or win a lottery. We therefore share with you some tips to make your trip economical.

In this blog, we have tried and listed some of the ways you can save money while traveling. Yes, you read that correctly, this blog is about how to travel on a low budget worldwide.

How to travel on a budget


The first thing you need to keep in mind is to have a plan. If you are planning to travel to a particular destination, you should have a rough idea of what places are you going to visit and what is your budget. Decide accordingly.

You have to pre-plan how much you are going to spend in a particular city or one country and what exact route you are going to take. You also need to decide what activities where are you going to play what hotel you will stay.

Planning is one of the major steps and trust us, it saves a lot of money if done right. This helps you get an idea of ​​what you are going to spend and what expenses you can afford.

Off-season travel

It is one of the most effective ways to travel on a low budget. Try to travel to a place out of season. Avoid going to a place during summer vacation or spring break. Find out when is the best time to travel to a particular location.

Plan your trip accordingly preferably before or after the scheduled date. It’s a great way to save money from airline tickets to hotel accommodation to activities. The price of everything is gradually decreasing.

For example, the best time to travel to Japan is between March and May or between September and November, so go for the other months. From mid-January to March, Japan has the fewest visitors. So there is a high probability of getting the best deals on hotel rooms, activities and airfare.

Hotels and accommodations

Budget travel - Hotels

Look for hotel suites and other places that are cheaper and still offer an exotic experience. You can also search for websites like Airbnb which helps you book a spare room at a local person’s residence. This will help you reduce the half price and you will get a home-like experience. You can also stay with friends or families who are staying in a particular destination that you plan to visit. Do proper research and look for various websites that offer great deals and discounts at the same time.

Pack properly

Make sure you wear a extra pair of jeans, a warm hoodie, and one waterproof jacket. If you are traveling to a location during the Rainy season try take your umbrella or raincoat with you. try take medication in an emergency.

If you are going for a short weekend in town. Then you can carry a carrying bag which has compartments. So you can carry everything in different compartments. Remember to wear comfortable sneakers with you. If you are going for a long weekend take a big package with you. Take notes of everything you are going to take with you. Also take waterproof shoes and a pair of dark jeans with you.

Advance booking

Try to book your plane tickets and hotel room in advance and try to fly smart. Business Class certainly looks classic, but if you go for cheap seats you can save a lot of money. This money saved can be used for food and accommodation. Some airlines offer low cost airline tickets. Try to book your flight on Tuesday because Tuesday flights are much cheaper than any other day. If you are okay with traveling and coming back on Tuesday it will save you a lot of money. Try to get cheap deals.

Choose public transport

Low budget travel - Public transport

Once you visit a particular destination, go for it public transport. If you are going to a location that is not too far, also opt for buses and trains as they are much cheaper than airplanes. Try to travel by night train, as this will save you one night less in a hotel.

Save money on food

When it comes to food, try to opt for inexpensive lunches or dinners. You may also prefer the local fresh street food over an overpriced cafe. Without a doubt, it will help you save money and allow you to experience authentic flavors of street food. If possible, avoid drinking beer with your dinner as it is part of the bill amount. Instead, opt for water or soft drinks.

There are hostels or guest rooms which sometimes have a small kitchen. So if you want to save more money, you can also cook. Try to fill your bag with homemade food, wafers or snacks if you are traveling by road. Don’t go for fancy cafes or restaurants.

Be flexible

You have to be very flexible if you want to save money while traveling. You should be able to ditch your pre-planning at the last moment or move to cheaper locations if possible. Try to take advantage of the best deals available to you and don’t stick to what you have planned. If you get an offer for less, try to grab it. If you are going for a weekend, prefer a light handbag to save money on hold luggage.

Do proper research

You need to do proper research before going on vacation. Some places may seem tempting, but try to find a place that suits your budget. Look up blog posts, talk to travelers, read reviews on a particular place. If you are planning to go shopping, don’t stick to just one store, explore the entire market and go for the best prices available. Talking to a fellow traveler can help save you money. You can take advantage of their experience and get a better deal than they could. Talking to backpackers will help you get an idea on how to save money while traveling.

Good deal

Learn to negotiate. You might not find it comfortable, but that’s totally normal. If you think a particular product is expensive enough, ask for a decent price or ask for any other product within that budget.

Prefer to walk

Travel on a budget - Marche

Try to walk as much as possible. It is truly an amazing experience to explore the countryside on foot. It will also help you burn calories. You can also explore every nook and cranny of the place by walking. You can also use local public transport like buses or trains or you can also opt for original means of transport like cranes.

Learn the local language

Try to learn the local languages ​​or the words of the local language. It will help you save some money. Sometimes, speaking a local language, people see you as a local and are willing to charge you less or at local prices.

Find local entertainment

Street musician

Look for local entertainment in a particular destination. Instead of going for expensive clubbing, look for street musicians or organized local fares in the destination. Grab a bottle of beer and enjoy this amazing and everlasting experience.

Create links

Try to make connections as you travel. Establishing connections saves time and money. Ask a local person where to eat or stay. Get their idea of ​​what activities you can do there with less budget. Say hi to them and smile.

Cheapest destinations in the world

Here is a list of some of the cheapest destinations in the world:

  1. Budapest
  2. Portugal
  3. Canada
  4. Mexico
  5. India
  6. Nepal
  7. Sri Lanka
  8. Panama
  9. Belize
  10. Peru
  11. Brazil
  12. Grenade
  13. Maldives
  14. Tahiti

These tips are really effective and helpful in saving money. So try these tips and make your trip on budget.

So, stop wasting time and grab your bag!

Some frequently asked questions

How to travel on a budget

The following ways can help you travel on a budget

  1. Do one before you go.
  2. Try to travel out of season.
  3. Try to save money on hosting.
  4. Book your flights in advance.
  5. Try to travel smart.
  6. Don’t waste a lot of money on food.
  7. Pack all the essentials needed.

When is the cheapest time to travel to Europe?

The cheapest day to travel to Europe is from January to March. While the cheapest days of the week are Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. After March 26, there is a price hike.

What exactly is Tuesday?

If you are okay with traveling on Tuesday, use the best day to get the best discounts. On Tuesdays, plane tickets are generally cheaper.

What is the most expensive day to travel by plane?

The most expensive day to travel by plane is Sunday.

Which is more expensive, Fiji or Tahiti?

Tahiti is quite expensive compared to Fiji. Fiji has many beautiful small islands and you will be mesmerized by the boat trip they offer.

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