Best time to visit Belize (latest edition 2020)

In this article, we will talk about the best time to visit Belize because when you plan to visit this is the main question you have in mind!

Belize is one of the top tourist attractions in the United States. Tropical landscapes, pleasant weather, calm and calm water, mystical Mayan caves, the ideal destination for adventure sports, and all the rest !!

It is the place filled with curiosities. In fact, if you are an explorer, you must visit this destination once in a lifetime. From national parks to aquatic life, you will find a wide variety here. There is a list of activities you can do in Belize.



The Belize diving experience is far too different from any other scuba diving experience. Every diver wants to scuba dive in Belize once. There are the largest barrier reefs, the coral atoll, sharks, stingrays and turtles. There is a great blue hole which is nothing short of a wonder. You can only get there if you are an experienced diver.


You can enjoy fishing in Belize any time of the year. Can explore Turneffe Atoll which is home to a variety of fish and fishing grounds. You may notice the Grand Slam-bonefish which is rarely found.


Here you will find the Mayan temple which is one of the unknowns and not so commonplace. There are ancient stories and pottery. From Caracol to Cerros to Lamanai there are many small villages that are worth visiting from a day to a week.


There are 500 species of birds in Belize. It is one of the most recommended places to observe different migratory birds. You can spot a toucan, a hummingbird, a San Ignacio and many other migratory birds.


From easy walking to difficult trails for hikers, Belize has a wide range of caves. You really have to work hard as the paths are calm but worthy enough to try. Blue Creek and Cave Branch are some of the central tourist attraction caves where you will see how a waterfall formation unfolds. Apart from that there are many other caves to explore filled with human remains, ancient pottery.


Now comes the main question when is the best time to explore Belize. Here is a calendar for you according to each month, so you have an idea on when and why to visit?

November to mid-April is the best time to visit this beautiful destination called Belize. However, you might find a lot of tourists here during this time, but the clear skies and hot temperature is something you cannot ignore.

Best time to visit Belize

It is one of the main tourist attractions in the country. If you want to avoid the crowds, visit this place in September and October. Although it is the rainy season, don’t forget to pack your umbrellas and you might be disappointed as some places during this time are closed.


It’s high season, but still the best time to visit Belize due to the local outdoor activities, pleasant weather, and warm temperatures. The water during this time is crystal clear and to your surprise this is the best time for water activities like diving and snorkeling. The Toledo cacao Fest is the flagship event of this season, which takes place in May.


June and July are the hottest months and it becomes quite uncomfortable to enjoy the holidays during this time. After that, August, September and October are known for hurricanes as well as wettest months, so before planning your trip during these months, keep track of the weather forecast. You will find exclusive offers and discounts on hotels during this season.

Less crowds give you the chance to be more exposed to beaches, caves, and Mayan ruins. The annual Lobster Festival in June, Deer Dance Festival and Costa Maya Festival in August, World Indigenous Music Festival in October are major key attractions during this time.

Belize is the city of amazing infrastructure with narrow streets, canals and crossroads of crisis. You will find many bars, shops, restaurants here to enjoy it. You can explore the culture of the village by visiting the village of Hopkins. Don’t miss the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. If you want cheaper hotels and street food, go to San Ignacio.

Belize is a city of happiness. So, visit this place to enjoy nature in its most raw and exclusive form. Pack your bags and explore this charming city of Belize.

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