7 best surf spots in the world [2020]

List of the 7 best surf spots in the world and more in this article, stay tuned and get into the topic!

Surfing is a unique experience, especially if you are an adventurer. It looks sophisticated and is really attractive. If you also like to play with water waves and surfing is something you are passionate about, this blog will help you get to know some of the must-see surf spots in the world.

List of the best surf spots in the world

Here is a list of the best surf spots in the world that you must visit at least once if you call yourself a surfer.

The surf town of Hoddevik, Norway

Hoddevik, Norway - one of the best surf spots in the world
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Hoddevik in Norway is quite famous as a surf town. The best time to visit Hoddevik is between March to September. One of the best surf spots in the world! The water here is quite cold but the experience is worth it. There are no fixed prices. Remember to take a chunky wetsuit with you, however, if you plan to visit before October, a thin wetsuit will also work. There are so many beautiful beaches with few people. You can find accommodation in neighboring villages easily.

Playa Grande in Sunset Country, Costa Rica

Costa Rica - one of the best surf spots in the world
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Playa Grande is not only known for its surfing experience, but also for its mesmerizing sunsets. The water is warm here all year round and you can plan your visit any time of the year. The approximate cost is 20 USD per day. This place is a surfer’s paradise and the astonishing and beautiful blue water adds more beauty to this place. There are many activities that you can enjoy. If you are not a surfer you can just relax enjoying the beauty.

The unexplored beach of Tofo, Mozambique

Tofo Beach, Mozambique - one of the best surf spots in the world
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This beach is quite unexplored and a small but pretty seaside town. It is one of the best places for beginners to surf. Do you know when is the best time to visit this island?

It’s all year round and you can learn surf lessons GBP 12 per day per person. You will find many coral reefs all around. You can also spot dolphins, whales, sharks and many other migratory birds.

The Beginners Surfing Point, California

Beginner's surf spot, California
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California is one of the best surf spots in the world when it comes to surfing. It is a great place for all beginners. San Onofre, County Line, Cowell’s and Morro Bay are some of the best spots for beginners.

San Onofre is an ideal spot for beginners to surf. You can practice and develop your basic skills here.

The County Line has different heights and waves. So you can choose which wave to go according to your skills. Beginners can go for small waves while experts can chase big waves. But be careful.

Morro Bay is a perfect surf spot and at the same time is loved by beach lovers. From big to small, you will find many varieties of waves here.

If you want to work out, nothing better than Cowell Beach. This place offers stunning views and is ideal for people new to surfing.

The Charming Pipeline, Hawaii

Charming pipeline, Hawaii
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You can explore the charming town and the fascinating beaches with a surfing experience. World-first surfing competitions are held during the winter season. The Triple Crown Vans surfing is one of the competitions that usually takes place between November and December. If you are not a pro, try to avoid huge waves as they can be quite dangerous. The peak month to visit is between November and February. Between May and September the waves are quite small creating the best atmosphere for surfing and swimming. You will find many accommodations such as the Condo rental or Turtle Bay resorts close.

Uluwatu Paradise for Surfers, Bali

Uluwatu's Paradise for Surfers, Bali
Uluwatu’s Paradise for Surfers, BaliSource: Google

It is known as a surfer’s paradise in Bali. This place is filled with resorts and cliff top beaches. This place attracts many surfers all year round. Other than that, you can enjoy beautiful temples, scenic landscapes, eat and drink or maybe take a walk on the beach. This place is quite famous for couples as it is one of the romantic destinations. Don’t miss the hiking experience or taking photos here. If you are a swimmer and a surfer this place has a lot to offer.

Lagos, Portugal

Lagos, Portugal
Source: Wikipedia

Lagos is a small town of Portugal. This place is known for its great beaches, vibrant nightlife and surfing. It is one of the favorite vacation destinations for tourists who love the beaches. Lagos is popular not only for surfing but also for diving, windsurfing, kitesurfing and stand up paddle boarding. The best season for surfing is winter and fall.

Tips to follow while surfing

Here are the following tips to follow while you surf:

  1. Try to surf where there are few people. So you could get better and faster. Try to avoid it if you are a beginner.
  2. Wiggle your feet while entering and exiting the water. This will help you hold on better in the water and therefore your chances of being hit by a strong wave will decrease.
  3. Avoid bad postures, bend your back rather than the knees to put yourself in a better position.
  4. Unfortunately, if you are caught by a wave and you are about to fall. Don’t let your head hit first. Do not do it! Instead, flop on your side. Cover your face and head with your arms.
  5. You will fall or get hit by the wave but trust us, the experience is worth it. So, if you are a beginner, don’t be afraid of falling, make the most of it.
  6. If you are a beginner, go for a large surfboard for more surface.
  7. Before jumping into the water, don’t forget to exercise to warm up your body. Stretch your muscles properly to avoid cramps.
  8. You could be a pro, but don’t forget to study the waves early on. Don’t be in a hurry to chase the big guys.
  9. If you break a lane, you can choose to avoid or pass it, but stay perpendicular either way.
  10. If you are new to surfing, try learning it from someone who is a pro. Learning to surf on your own is quite difficult and dangerous.

Some frequently asked questions are:

1) Where are the best places to surf?

Hoddevik, Norway

Lagos, Portugal

Uluwatu, Bali

Playa Grande, Costa Rica

Tofo Beach, Mozambique

Pipeline, Hawaii

2) What is the probability of not finding a shark?

Near the French coast and the north coast of Scotland, there is very little to no likelihood of finding a shark.

3) Can you learn to surf in your 40s?

Yes, you can certainly learn to surf at any age unless your body and mind are supportive. Remember that passion has no age.

4) Name the highest paid surfer in the world?

John John Florence is the highest paid surfer in the world.

5) What are the best spots in California for beginners to surf?

Some of the best places to surf in California for beginners are:

Morro Bay


San Onofre

county boundary

6) Where is the safest place for beginners to surf?

Morro Bay, California

Cowell’s, California

San Onofre, California

county, california

Cocoa Beach, Florida

Waikiki, Hawaii

7) Who explored surfing for the first time?

Surfing was explored by Joseph Bank of England to experience surfing for the first time.

8) Who is known as “the best surfer of all time”?

Robert Kelly Slater is recognized as the best surfer of all time. You will be surprised to learn that his surfing career began at the age of six. When he reached the age of 11, he won numerous championships.

So if you love water and want to explore beautiful beaches, this article surely would have helped you. As you surf there are a few things to keep in mind.

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If you are a beginner, don’t haunt huge waves, leave your surfboard, and steal someone else’s waves. So look both ways before you take off. Try contacting the locals at a nearby surf school or get a feel for the surf spot. If you fall off your surfboard, cover your head with your arms. Avoid falling your head first. Last but not least, surfing is a responsibility, so follow some basic surfing antiques.

What are you waiting for to grab your surfboard and dive?

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